Friday, October 06, 2006

i hate being 15.
i cried when i wasn't 14 anymore.
i don't want to grow up.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

ohkay, things that have happened.

school! oui. i'm in my last year before I go to college;;
GCSES - maths, english, single science, RE, PE [compulsery], media studies, history, art, french
those are like my qualifications i get after high school.
theyre okay, i guess. although french can go die tbh.

life! yeah. life is pretty good i guess ... i had a significant other ... i got dumped ...
anyway;; everyone is well i trust? i'm pretty much ok.

ive been to greece like 4 times since i last posted, which is wicked-awesome obviously.

concerts ive been to;; [cant remember the last ones i mentioned so here's all of them! haha]
my chemical romance
franz ferdinand
the rakes
everytime i die
yeah yeah yeahs
patti smith
get cape, wear cape, fly
death cab for cutie [<3]
the automatic
the paddingtons
the bravery
test icicles x2
help! she can't swim
damn arms
whirlwind heat
fear of music

whooo i think thats all of them, there's propably more.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

right. hi :]
okayy, some of you may remember me! hopefully you do.
i had a blog before, it still exists, its a piece of history which will never be deleted!
but i've decided to start a fresh, cos my blog actually helped me
as a sort of diary
a place to pour yo' thoughts & stuff, innit. :]
so, here i am yet again, writing out my first post.

to all the people i met previously; [rebekah, kateri, az, lever] i'm gonna try get back in touch with you.
cos tbh i missed you!
i hope everyone is well and their families and stuff.
i've probably got a whole lot of shiz to catch up on :O

and here's the big thing; when i had my old blog, i was under the name seffy.
this is because i wanted to be called seffy, and people did call me seffy! like my friends etc.
but my real name is annie, for those who didn't know.
i hope no one feels offended or lied to, i wasn't lying, really!
and im still the same person, obv xD
that's all, really :]

ps. i was thirteen when i made my blog. im fifteen now :D